According to a recent Gallup poll, Chief Justice John Roberts is still regarded more favourably by Americans than the majority of American leaders.Roberts is seen more favorably compared to potential candidates, including current President Biden, who are vying for the presidency in 2024, among several well-known political leaders in the country.

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The Supreme Court has been conducting better surveys compared to other branches of the government for a long time, though the gap has narrowed in recent years as some Americans started seeing it as not just a legal institution but also a political one. The Chief has also fared relatively well in the survey, as many Americans – nearly a third – had no opinion about him.
According to Gallup, 44% of Americans have a favourable opinion of Roberts, compared to 41% for both Biden and former Republican President Donald Trump.
Former vice president Mike Pence scored a 35% favorability rating, while Florida governor and potential GOP presidential nominee Ron DeSantis scored a 37%.
Justice Clarence Thomas voted among the selected chief names chosen by Gallup, who were under the authority of Biden and Trump, but were above Pence and DeSantis. Thomas, despite recent scandals related to private jet travel and luxury vacations paid for by others, was even higher. The poll shows that while Thomas is quite unpopular with Democrats, he has a lot of support from Republicans among the court’s ardent conservatives.
Prince William remained ahead in the Gallup poll with a 59% favorability rating. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky remained in second place with 57%.

The poll was conducted from July 3-27.’

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